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Susan Osborn on "Storytelling to Strengthen Your Writing"

Tell a Tale to Connect, Inspire, and Influence:

Tap the Power of Storytelling to Strengthen Your Writing

In the highly competitive world of writing and publishing it’s easy to forget that all transactions come down to people connecting with people. Stories connect in the most intimate and personal way possible. Nothing surpasses a good story for the purpose of engaging our hearts and minds.

This one-hour presentation will demonstrate ways to get your message across through the time-tested, compelling medium of storytelling. You will learn how to:

  • Use four kinds of springboard stories
  • Create a story bag
  • Apply “The Story Spine”

About the presenter:

Susan Osborn, a writer, storyteller, and president of LifeThread Publications, has taught writing courses in numerous business organizations and universities. She has also served as the editor of the Lockheed Opserver, and as a staff writer for Senior Spectrum, High Technology Careers Magazine, and the Washington Women’s New Journal. Her articles have appeared in Judo Magazine, Countryside Magazine, The Employment Times (Maine), The New Leaders (San Francisco), The Fielding Magazine (Santa Barbara), The San Jose Business Journal, and Performance and Instruction Quarterly. She is the author of Awful Bosses Coloring Book; and The System Made Me Do It! A Life Changing Approach to Office Politics (which reveals the root stories of five types of organizations). Her chapter demonstrating “How Stories Build Teams and Teamwork,” appears in Wake Me When the Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Storytelling to Drive Results.

Susan taught graduate courses on leadership and storytelling at Chapman University for five years. She has led storytelling workshops for American Society of Training and Development, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, California Department of Social Services, CSUS-Continuing Education Division, East West Bookstore, The Hipsters, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Organization Development Network, Sacramento Institute of Noetic Sciences, Storytellers Guild’s “Tellabration,” Unitarian Universalist Society, and the World Future Society.