Daniel Hobbs

Daniel Hobbs, writing as Ben Leiter, is a former international representative for city management who has served in official delegations to Japan, West Germany, and Poland. He has worked as city manager in seven US cities. He holds two master’s degrees, one in public administration, and one in interdisciplinary planning.

Hobbs/Leiter has written frequently for medium.com and is published in four anthologies. He is an active member of the California Writer’s Club. Betrayal of Father Garza is his fourth published book.



a scathing indictment of religious and political corruption

BETRAYAL OF FATHER GARZA available on Amazon
[political-religious thriller]

Betrayal of Father Garza reveals a disillusioned Roman Catholic priest who previously uncovered sinister secrets during his Vatican studies decades ago.

Father Gabriel Garza now ministers daily in his tough Washington, D.C. inner-city parish, wrestling demons of doubt.

His former, mysterious academic advisor in Rome still shares explosive political files with him. But the real danger hides in Father Garza’s Christianity-back-to-basics master’s thesis. If made public, it could trigger a crusader call for Christendom or The Second Reformation.

Important people worry.

Father Garza now heads The Watch List of the Vatican, the Mafia, the CIA, ISIS, the neighborhood gang, and even Vladimir Putin.

They are all watching him.
Someone moves Father Garza to The Hit List.

Betrayal of Father Garza is a page-turning political-religious thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.