Members Section and Survey

Please take our survey to help us learn more about you and build our members section!

We’ve been working hard to get all our ducks in a row this year. As part of this we (mostly Tory) have put together a survey to ensure we have accurate and updated information for our members.

I’ve also started working on the members section; here are my test pages:

Harlan Hague

Dan Hobbs

If you’re wondering why I started with those two members, the answer is simple: they sent me information. If you would like me to start designing a member page for you, head on over to the Contact section and fill out the form. (Just let me knew you are interested and from there I will give you my personal contact info so you can email me your bio, prologues, pictures, etc)

I have learned a lot just from working on these basic design and will have a proper design form made up soon, but don’t hesitate to send me what you have now.

I’m super looking forward to building up our site and linking our members together, as we build the community together. When I have things more fleshed out the members section will be added to the main page and top navigation.