Sign Up for Our Newsletter Fun Who? What? Why?

We are in the process of moving some of our email correspondence over to a newsletter service, (Mailchimp) and are asking for members and associates to please subscribe here.

So, the who is Anthony Marinelli, as your friendly neighborhood Membership Chair I am working to become more organized and update our disparate personal email lists, and segment out who is new and might need more help, who is a member in good standing, and who is an associate, past speaker or other ally. (I guess that was a lot of the why as well)

A bit more of the why is so that we can protect privacy. If you want to share your email with everyone, that’s fine, but as we are working from some old lists where consent may not have been clear, I am erring on the side of caution. The newsletter always sends to each person individually. While a lot of our information is easily found online, there are some communications that are only of interest or use to members, and I’d rather not send information to those that have no use for it.

The what is the newsletter itself, which can take the form of a simple text email to a mini website that can be shared and referenced. The startup process will create a few more emails from me to you, as I sort out who is who, and segment it out properly, but should help us organize our communication going forward.


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