June Gillam

CWC State Board Meeting July 22, 2018 Report from June Gillam

June Gillam attended this meeting and has made a report of some portions of the event which may be of interest to or require action from our branch. Her text below:

CWC state board meeting, July 22, 2018

REPORT from June Gillam, SJVWriters Branch Representative

We voted to keep the CWC Literary Review annual and to support a group to discuss streamlined way to evaluate submissions: Joyce Krieg, Kimberly Edwards, Tish Davidson and June Gillam.

Topics raised that SJVWriters may want to discuss:

  • Did all members get a Lit Review in the mail? If not, get name on list with June asap.
  • Hold board meetings every month as many branches do.
  • Send early announcements of the UOP writing conference, as requested by North State Writers, Chico, President and VP
  • Consider publishing members work on our website, as does SoCal every month, called SoCal Showcase. … a fairly simple membership draw and way for some to become Active Members.
  • USE MRMS to generate name tags for meetings; get our MRMS updated asap—who will do this? When can do? Membership forms need to be filled out by new members.
  • Judy Kohnen, Inland Empire, will gather info from branches to send to state webmaster but until she gets running, we can send her our news, such as the Manteca Bookfest SJVW booth info: judykohnen@gmail.com
  • Promote CA Writers Week in October—how? (see below)
  • Send election results to CWC secretary Elisabeth Tuck (see below)
  • How to ATTRACT MORE young members:
  • offer contests for young writers, or for college students
  • have a booth at UOP, Delta, museum and high school/community events, give out flyers for our branch (need asap for Oct Manteca Bookfest)
  • free dues for first year for students (we do this now)
  • 3rd week October is Writer’s Week, connect with local libraries
  • Hold nanowrimo events at our meetings/liaison with Tory—October is get ready for Nano month
  • Keep up Meetup; make sure to pay meetup fees on time or someone else can take it over.


  • There are TWO KINDS OF CONFERENCES: INTERNAL: ONLY OUR BRANCH and EXTERNAL: SUPPORT OUTSIDE THAT ATTRACTS FROM OTHER BRANCHES, in the Budget Item calledEducation/Outreach $1,800.00 FOR DICKENS FAIR IN LA, SF writer’s conference, etc. Could revisit request for UOP conference to apply for some of this money.
  • Request $250.00 for a SJVW branch conference/event. Branches will not have to return and ask each year after exec committee approves this branch expense one year. Here are examples of branch events: