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We are in the process of moving some of our email correspondence over to a newsletter service, (Mailchimp) and are asking for members and associates to please subscribe here.

So, the who is Anthony Marinelli, as your friendly neighborhood Membership Chair I am working to become more organized and update our disparate personal email lists, and segment out who is new and might need more help, who is a member in good standing, and who is an associate, past speaker or other ally. (I guess that was a lot of the why as well)

A bit more of the why is so that we can protect privacy. If you want to share your email with everyone, that’s fine, but as we are working from some old lists where consent may not have been clear, I am erring on the side of caution. The newsletter always sends to each person individually. While a lot of our information is easily found online, there are some communications that are only of interest or use to members, and I’d rather not send information to those that have no use for it.

The what is the newsletter itself, which can take the form of a simple text email to a mini website that can be shared and referenced. The startup process will create a few more emails from me to you, as I sort out who is who, and segment it out properly, but should help us organize our communication going forward.


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Critique Group: Pacific Writers

The Pacific Writers Critique Group meets weekly on Tuesday nights, from 5pm to 8:30pm

Those interested in attending should email Pam Van Allen (pam at by noon on Tuesday for planning purposes.  We do not accept drop-ins. This will start your orientation. Attend the first time to observe the group process. The most benefit is derived from a commitment to participate. You are welcome to come a few times and see if it is right for you. When you are ready to be critiqued you will be expected to bring multiple printed copies of your work.

We ask that readers limit their reading in group to seven pages unless we have fewer than six readers. If there are more than eight readers, we place a five page limit on readers.

We will be meeting in the Wendell Phillips Center, room 131, until April 30, 2019.
Wendell Phillips Center (WPC) (northwest corner of Dave Brubeck Way and Stagg Way, across the street from Benerd School of Education, north of Dave Brubeck Way and west of Stagg Way) Downstairs Room 131

Meeting Room for Monthly Meeting Changed

Our meeting location for the foreseeable future has been moved to the



PLEASE NOTE: Sweater or jacket is recommended. The room is quite spacious but is a bit chillier than our previous space which is unavailable due to renovations.

See map for that location, building 101 near Atchley Clock Tower on the corner of Dave Brubeck and Kensington. 

 Map of UOP:

Comments are open on this post if you have further questions.

CWC 2019 Literary Review Submissions Open: Deadline Nov 30, 2018

UPDATE: June Gillam will be hosting a workshop to help prepare submissions at our November 10th 2018 monthly meeting. LINK

BEFORE YOU CLICK THE BELOW LINKS: Note that that this in reference to the Litereary Review, but the information at the top of the page is for The Bulletin. You will have to scroll down to the heading "2019 California Writers Club Literary Review Submission Guidelines" (The link on desktop should bring you there, but does not seem to be working on mobile.)

From the main CWC website:

We’re looking for your best work—fiction, poetry, memoir and essay—for publication in the 2019 California Writers Club Literary Review. Submissions are open to current members of California Writers Club and will be accepted from September 1 through November 30, 2018. Works will be reviewed and selected for possible publication by a panel of acquisition editors through a blind judging process. You will be notified by email as to whether your piece will be included in the 2019 Literary Review shortly before publication in May/June of 2019.

Read the full Submission Guidelines and FAQ I have included a few key points below, but you must read the complete guidelines to ensure your entry is properly submitted.

  • NOTE: Only CWC members in good standing may submit to this literary review
  • Members are limited to a total of three submissions of one prose piece each or two poems per submission. Previously published pieces may be submitted if the author holds the rights to the piece and if previous published credits are noted.
  • New This Year: (for the 2019 review, submissions due November 30,2018) The $10 fee covers ONE prose piece (not two as in previous years). For poetry, two submissions of up to 30 lines each may be made for each $10 payment. Limit of three prose pieces at $10 each, or six poems ($10 for each two poems). Critiques will not be given. We encourage you to workshop and polish your writing before submitting it to the Literary Review. The Submission Form must accompany each piece of writing that you are submitting. Please read the new Literary Review FAQ before submitting.

ACTION REQUIRED for Great Valley Bookfest Volunteers

San Joaquin Valley Writers branch of CWC has a complimentary booth at the Great Valley Bookfest in Manteca on Saturday, October 13. June Gillam announced this several times in the past and sent around a signup sheet for volunteers to work the booth and explain the benefits of membership.

Unfortunately, not everyone signed up who now seem to want to volunteer in the booth.

The only times left open now are from 1:00 to 4:00 pm plus 4-6:00 pm for cleanup. Email June asap about which hour(s) you want to work in that timeframe. We can take up to a total of four authors in each hour; if you work a shift, you can bring your books then to show and sell IF you have your CA Seller’s Permit with you.

June Gillam

CWC State Board Meeting July 22, 2018 Report from June Gillam

June Gillam attended this meeting and has made a report of some portions of the event which may be of interest to or require action from our branch. Her text below:

CWC state board meeting, July 22, 2018

REPORT from June Gillam, SJVWriters Branch Representative

We voted to keep the CWC Literary Review annual and to support a group to discuss streamlined way to evaluate submissions: Joyce Krieg, Kimberly Edwards, Tish Davidson and June Gillam.

Topics raised that SJVWriters may want to discuss:

  • Did all members get a Lit Review in the mail? If not, get name on list with June asap.
  • Hold board meetings every month as many branches do.
  • Send early announcements of the UOP writing conference, as requested by North State Writers, Chico, President and VP
  • Consider publishing members work on our website, as does SoCal every month, called SoCal Showcase. … a fairly simple membership draw and way for some to become Active Members.
  • USE MRMS to generate name tags for meetings; get our MRMS updated asap—who will do this? When can do? Membership forms need to be filled out by new members.
  • Judy Kohnen, Inland Empire, will gather info from branches to send to state webmaster but until she gets running, we can send her our news, such as the Manteca Bookfest SJVW booth info:
  • Promote CA Writers Week in October—how? (see below)
  • Send election results to CWC secretary Elisabeth Tuck (see below)
  • How to ATTRACT MORE young members:
  • offer contests for young writers, or for college students
  • have a booth at UOP, Delta, museum and high school/community events, give out flyers for our branch (need asap for Oct Manteca Bookfest)
  • free dues for first year for students (we do this now)
  • 3rd week October is Writer’s Week, connect with local libraries
  • Hold nanowrimo events at our meetings/liaison with Tory—October is get ready for Nano month
  • Keep up Meetup; make sure to pay meetup fees on time or someone else can take it over.


  • There are TWO KINDS OF CONFERENCES: INTERNAL: ONLY OUR BRANCH and EXTERNAL: SUPPORT OUTSIDE THAT ATTRACTS FROM OTHER BRANCHES, in the Budget Item calledEducation/Outreach $1,800.00 FOR DICKENS FAIR IN LA, SF writer’s conference, etc. Could revisit request for UOP conference to apply for some of this money.
  • Request $250.00 for a SJVW branch conference/event. Branches will not have to return and ask each year after exec committee approves this branch expense one year. Here are examples of branch events:

Dues for the new fiscal year July 2018

We are now into our new fiscal year and dues are due.  If you are a continuing member, your dues are $45.  If you are a new member, your dues and a fee to join will be $65.  Encourage other writers in your writing groups to attend a meeting and see the wonderful speakers we offer every month.

JM Hoffman

Treasurer, CWC-SJV Branch

Please bring your payment to a meeting and make sure it is received by an officer.
Make checks payable to:
CA Writers Club-SJ Valley Branch



Tuleburg Press Seeks Writers for San Joaquin Delta Anthology

Tuleburg Press in Stockton CA, is working on a San Joaquin Delta anthology. We hope to connect with as many writers throughout California who may have work or an interest in contributing to this project. We're looking for first-hand accounts of Delta life, poems, stories, essays, etc. Would you contribute your email to our list of writers groups in California. If you are interested please reply to Paula Sheil at


CWC Lit Review Submissions Deadline Nov. 30!

CWC members may submit one or two pieces, published or unpublished, for the 2018 issue of the CWC Literary Review.


Works meeting the guidelines below and determined by a panel of 3 reading blindly to show a threshold of quality and interest will be selected for this page-limited issue.

A $10 fee covers one or two pieces submitted by one member.

Email subject line: Put “CWC Lit-Review” in the subject line of your submission email.

Body of email:

  • Author’s name, email address, and branch affiliatio

  • Give submission title(s), its/their word count(s), and genre(s).

  • Include and complete the following statement: “I, (name here) own and convey the right to publish this/these work(s) (title(s) here) for this one-time publication in the CWC Literary Review.”

  • Attach submission(s). If 2 submissions, 2 separate attachments.

Submission content (Nonconforming work will not be considered):

  • A maximum of two submissions per member, same email, separate attachments

  • Prose of 2500 or fewer words: fiction, memoir, essay, or excerpts (if the submission can be seen as a complete story.)

  • Poetry of 30 lines or fewer.


  • Work will not be considered until the $10 fee is received.
  • Use Paypal OR pay by check to:

CWC Central Treasury

California Writers Club

Box 201 Danville, CA 945

Details at the California Writers Club website: