9Feb2019 Meeting Minutes


San Joaquin Valley Branch

California Writers Club

Saturday, February 9, 2019

UOP Education Building Classroom 110C

Vice President Leslie Liberty called the meeting to order and started the Sign In sheet around the room, in which 22 people were present.

June Gillam introduced the speaker: Barron Sudderth, author of “Poetry on Love, Loss and Life.” He gave a lively presentation of his process writing the poems and taking photos of unusual local settings on which to place the 80 of his haiku that ended up in the book. Based on his having fallen in love, he wrote one per day over the course of a year, and then hunted down obscure and often overlooked items such as garbage cans and toilet paper to photograph as counterpoint to the poetry.

Barron’s energy was spell-binding as he paced the room and gestured with his arms, once even lying down on the floor to illustrate how he shot the Lodi Arch holding his camera at a sharp upward angle. We were fascinated and motivated by Barron’s performance demonstrating a multiplicity of ways to express love, loss and life. He ended by suggesting an exercise writers might find useful: take song lyric lines and parse them into a haiku structure of three lines with a 5/7/5 syllable pattern to practice disciplined creativity. Learn more about Barron at http://tuleburgpress.com/books/

After a break to chat with Barron and get a signed book from him, June introduced the speaker for March 9 – Jennifer Grainger – “What’s it take to be a ghostwriter?”

Anthony Marinelli noted our MRMS is up to date and he asked for materials to be sent to him for the San Joaquin Valley Writers Website.

Jennifer Hoffman reported that we have money in the bank. She noted an event coming up in San Andreas: the Calaveras Jumping Frog Contest, May 16-19, at which writers may offer their books for sale, by contacting Monika Rose. June Gillam has emailed Monika for details.

June Gillam got approval for the January Minutes with one correction.

Pam Van Allen reported that discussion of “Spin-off Critique Groups” in the Education Building lobby after last month’s regular meeting produced no changes suggested by the members of the Tuesday evening Critique Group.

June Gillam adjourned the meeting, which was followed by a critique for Matt Abraham’s work in progress.

June Gillam, Secretary

Date of approval