11August2018 Meeting Minutes


San Joaquin Valley Branch

California Writers Club

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Call to Order: Scott Evans

Sign In Sheet: June Gillam. Reminder of Dues

Whatchagot: We learned from and and inspired each other when the below-noted writers showcased their writing journeys, their passions/plans/actions and outcomes to date.

Jennifer T. Grainger, Kristin Wall, Leslie Liberty, Kimba Livesay, Harlan Hague, D. Myerstrau, Pam Van Allen, Susan Lockman, Heidi Andersen, Tory Marinelli, Anthony Marinelli, David Allen, Rana Banankhah, June Gillam, and Scott Evans.

Break and networking

Summer/Fall Lineup—Every Tuesday, Drop In Critique Sessions, 5:30 p.m. UOP Library

September 8 -- Susan Osborn on "Storytelling to Strengthen Your Writing"

October 13 -- Great Valley Bookfest, in Manteca, San Joaquin Valley Writers Booth. https://greatvalleybookfest.org/

November and December: We meet in the Taylor Room, upstairs

Communications: Anthony Marinelli, Website report

Harlan Hague: Yahoo What’s Up?

Officers Reports:

Treasurer : in Jennifer Hoffman’s absence, June Gillam received dues from Kristin Wall, Leslie Liberty, Kimba Livesay, Tory Marinelli and Anthony Marinelli. These dues were turned over to Scott Evans to deposit in the SJVW bank account.

Secretary : Minutes were approved.

Adjournment: Scott Evans

Board Meeting: Scott Evans, Leslie Liberty, June Gillam, Anthony Marinelli, Harlan Hague

Voted to go ahead with PayPal on our Website

Manuscript Critiques

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