9June2018 Meeting Minutes

San Joaquin Valley Branch
California Writers Club
Saturday, June 9, 2018

Call to Order: Scott Evans 

Sign In Sheet: Jennifer Hoffman

Introduction of Speaker: June Gillam 

SPEAKER: Linda Champion, presented on "The Illusive Fairy Tale & How to Write It," these tales are part of folk tale genre but rather than being anonymous, the fairy tale is generally written by one author, as a plot driven short story, often contain paranormal characters, magic and enchantments, and include a moral though seldom a religious moral. Fairy tales are set in no specific time or place, with no happy ending required and are for people of all ages. The writer has freedom to be inventive in trying to explain the unexplainable in the world, using vague settings such as once upon a time in a land far away, though could be thinking of a real place like Lodi or such.  
    Fairy tales are meant to be thought provoking not answers to problems in life: the Grimm bros had adults in mind; when they collected and published them around 1800, the tales were very dark, but to sell more books and make money, the brothers softened their tales for children, too, and shifted into happily ever after endings. Stepmothers were common in fairy tales back then because often bio moms would die in childbirth, and are still so relatable today in this era of broken marriages. 
    Linda outlined her process for writing a fairy tale and urged writers in attendance to write them as well. She read aloud her story of a giant excluded from a flower garden, with an ant as the hero who calmly persisted until he got the garden authority to change and allow the giant in. For more on Linda and her work, see http://www.championwritingcreations.com/

Break and networking

ELECTION: Scott Evans

Announcements from members: Scott Evans

Announcement of Election results: Scott Evans: the nominated slate of officers was voted in with just one write-in vote. Our officers for the coming year are:

    Scott Evans, President
    Leslie Liberty, Vice President
    Jennifer Hoffman, Treasurer
    June Gillam, Secretary

Summer Lineup—Every Tuesday, Drop In Critique Sessions, 5:30 p.m. UOP Library
    Annual Creative Writing Conference at UOP: June 22-24
    July 14--WhatchaGot? Members showcase their projects
    August 11 -- TBA
    September 8 – Susan Osborn, Storytelling to Strengthen Your Writing
    October 13 -- Great Valley Bookfest Booth in Manteca
Officers Reports: 
    Treasurer: Financial Situation Postponed
     Secretary: Minutes Approval Postponed

Adjournment: Scott Evans

Manuscript Critiques


June Gillam,
Secretary                        Date of approval