14April2018 Meeting Minutes

San Joaquin Valley Branch
California Writers Club
Saturday, April 14, 2018

Call to Order: Scott Evans
Scott solicited nominations for office and reviewed the May upcoming election process. 

Sign In Sheet: June Gillam
Approximately 20 in attendance, including newcomers.

Speaker: Lisa Slabach, author of Degrees of Love, presented on Women’s Fiction, tips for writing deeply emotional content and ideas for marketing, as well. Degrees made its full-length publishing debut in December 2017 and has been nominated for a 2017 Reviewer’s Choice Award by RT Book Reviews.  

Lisa began with a summary of her career, which led to ideas for her novel, which was recognized as a Best Book of 2014 by Kirkus Reviews and was picked up by several agents, yet turned down by publishers because they did not know how to categorize it for sales, as it did not fall into a clearly recognizable genre. The closest she could come was to place it in Women’s Fiction, which Lisa defined as focused on the “emotional journey of the main character.” Yet this is frustrating due to the fact that many novels are centered around that element, as well. But Women’s Fiction can also be considered Literary Fiction, noted Slabach, such as Tess of the d'Urbervilles and Jane Eyre, etc. 

She went on to share her two favorite techniques for writing deeply emotional content. First, use “sense memory.” Put your self imaginatively back into a time you felt a similar emotion and describe what is going on in your body. Second, use the “psychological gesture,” a physical action that expresses an emotion. 

She advised planning to spend on continual marketing without expecting a clearly related sales return, noting that marketing is just part of the cost of running a business. She learned a lot from Facebook tutorials on how to create ads. She uses Book Baby for publication of her novel and is satisfied with them. For more on Lisa,  see http://www.lisaslabach.com

We took a short break for networking

Announcements: May 12 meeting will also be Graduation for UOP, so arrive early to get parking. 

Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Adjournment: Scott Evans

Manuscript Critiques followed.


June Gillam,
Secretary                        Date of approval