10Feb2018 Meeting Minutes SJVW Branch

San Joaquin Valley Branch
California Writers Club
Saturday, February 10, 2018

Call to Order: Scott Evans

Sign In Sheet: Jennifer Hoffman
Approximately 24 in attendance
Many newcomers, some from Meetup

Speaker: Keith Edward English, Wordsmith and The Ruination Gods fantasy fiction series author returned to offer San Joaquin Valley Writers an in-depth presentation on virtual marketing via Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts for business. 

    Keith started the session going over some of the basics of professionalism and goal setting. He recommended “ask reddit” on reddit.com as a good research tool for writers and also a venue to be “author of the day” by sending a request message to the moderator of the subreddit genre of interest. 

    He posts four times a week on Facebook and Instagram and recommends we set a goal of times to post and amount of money to spend on boosts. He advised us to offer entertainment and information most of the time rather than sales of our books. He had us brainstorm on items we might want to offer such as humor, quotes, videos, lines from our writing in progress, special interest items such as food and drink related to our books, and “something of the day” where the something is an element featured in our books. 

    Use giveaways on a regular basis, asking folks to post a page “like” from which author will select a person and message to get their email address and send them an ebook. Creating a “thunderclap” is another way to market books, similar to holding a book launch. 

    Throughout his presentation, Keith responded to our many questions as he demonstrated some of the tricks of the trade on the overhead projector, showing his own pages as examples.

We took a short break for networking

Officers Report: Minutes from the January meeting were approved

Adjournment: June Gillam

June Gillam,
Secretary                        Date of approval