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We are in the process of moving some of our email correspondence over to a newsletter service, (Mailchimp) and are asking for members and associates to please subscribe here.

So, the who is Anthony Marinelli, as your friendly neighborhood Membership Chair I am working to become more organized and update our disparate personal email lists, and segment out who is new and might need more help, who is a member in good standing, and who is an associate, past speaker or other ally. (I guess that was a lot of the why as well)

A bit more of the why is so that we can protect privacy. If you want to share your email with everyone, that’s fine, but as we are working from some old lists where consent may not have been clear, I am erring on the side of caution. The newsletter always sends to each person individually. While a lot of our information is easily found online, there are some communications that are only of interest or use to members, and I’d rather not send information to those that have no use for it.

The what is the newsletter itself, which can take the form of a simple text email to a mini website that can be shared and referenced. The startup process will create a few more emails from me to you, as I sort out who is who, and segment it out properly, but should help us organize our communication going forward.


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Critique Group: Pacific Writers

The Pacific Writers Critique Group meets weekly on Tuesday nights, from 5pm to 8:30pm

Those interested in attending should email Pam Van Allen (pam at by noon on Tuesday for planning purposes.  We do not accept drop-ins. This will start your orientation. Attend the first time to observe the group process. The most benefit is derived from a commitment to participate. You are welcome to come a few times and see if it is right for you. When you are ready to be critiqued you will be expected to bring multiple printed copies of your work.

We ask that readers limit their reading in group to seven pages unless we have fewer than six readers. If there are more than eight readers, we place a five page limit on readers.

We will be meeting in the Wendell Phillips Center, room 131, until April 30, 2019.
Wendell Phillips Center (WPC) (northwest corner of Dave Brubeck Way and Stagg Way, across the street from Benerd School of Education, north of Dave Brubeck Way and west of Stagg Way) Downstairs Room 131

Pamela Pan: How to Improve Your Writing by Listening to Books

Link to article on Medium via Writing Collective

Hi Fellow Writers,

Happy Friday! Thank you to my critique group members who have helped me to make my article on listening to books stronger. I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. 

 I have submitted the article to the publication The Writing Cooperative in Medium and it was accepted and published.  I am a big fan of audiobooks and think it can enrich our reading and writing lives a lot:)

-Pamela Pan

9Feb2019 Meeting Minutes


San Joaquin Valley Branch

California Writers Club

Saturday, February 9, 2019

UOP Education Building Classroom 110C

Vice President Leslie Liberty called the meeting to order and started the Sign In sheet around the room, in which 22 people were present.

June Gillam introduced the speaker: Barron Sudderth, author of “Poetry on Love, Loss and Life.” He gave a lively presentation of his process writing the poems and taking photos of unusual local settings on which to place the 80 of his haiku that ended up in the book. Based on his having fallen in love, he wrote one per day over the course of a year, and then hunted down obscure and often overlooked items such as garbage cans and toilet paper to photograph as counterpoint to the poetry.

Barron’s energy was spell-binding as he paced the room and gestured with his arms, once even lying down on the floor to illustrate how he shot the Lodi Arch holding his camera at a sharp upward angle. We were fascinated and motivated by Barron’s performance demonstrating a multiplicity of ways to express love, loss and life. He ended by suggesting an exercise writers might find useful: take song lyric lines and parse them into a haiku structure of three lines with a 5/7/5 syllable pattern to practice disciplined creativity. Learn more about Barron at

After a break to chat with Barron and get a signed book from him, June introduced the speaker for March 9 – Jennifer Grainger – “What’s it take to be a ghostwriter?”

Anthony Marinelli noted our MRMS is up to date and he asked for materials to be sent to him for the San Joaquin Valley Writers Website.

Jennifer Hoffman reported that we have money in the bank. She noted an event coming up in San Andreas: the Calaveras Jumping Frog Contest, May 16-19, at which writers may offer their books for sale, by contacting Monika Rose. June Gillam has emailed Monika for details.

June Gillam got approval for the January Minutes with one correction.

Pam Van Allen reported that discussion of “Spin-off Critique Groups” in the Education Building lobby after last month’s regular meeting produced no changes suggested by the members of the Tuesday evening Critique Group.

June Gillam adjourned the meeting, which was followed by a critique for Matt Abraham’s work in progress.

June Gillam, Secretary

Date of approval

Members Section and Survey

Please take our survey to help us learn more about you and build our members section!

We’ve been working hard to get all our ducks in a row this year. As part of this we (mostly Tory) have put together a survey to ensure we have accurate and updated information for our members.

I’ve also started working on the members section; here are my test pages:

Harlan Hague

Dan Hobbs

If you’re wondering why I started with those two members, the answer is simple: they sent me information. If you would like me to start designing a member page for you, head on over to the Contact section and fill out the form. (Just let me knew you are interested and from there I will give you my personal contact info so you can email me your bio, prologues, pictures, etc)

I have learned a lot just from working on these basic design and will have a proper design form made up soon, but don’t hesitate to send me what you have now.

I’m super looking forward to building up our site and linking our members together, as we build the community together. When I have things more fleshed out the members section will be added to the main page and top navigation.

Promotion Opportunity: Stockton Barnes & Noble Local Author Signing Events

Thanks to a lead by Harlan, we have uncovered an existing opportunity for local authors to have an event at Barnes & Noble. This is a developing story.

Pease publicize to SJVWriters members asap:
I have been in email communication with B&N Author Signing coordinator Stephanie and told her I would create a list for her from our SJVWriters and  get back to her.
She wants a separate list of author/title/ISBN by traditional published and by self-published.
Author NameTitles and ISBNs of your books.I will compile a list for Stephanie and she said then she will check their BN warehouse stock to see what is available for her to order.
It would be great to get your info in my email and also I will solicit this info at our Saturday, Feb. 9 meeting.

June Gillam

gorillagirlink (at)

Meeting Room for Monthly Meeting Changed

Our meeting location for the foreseeable future has been moved to the



PLEASE NOTE: Sweater or jacket is recommended. The room is quite spacious but is a bit chillier than our previous space which is unavailable due to renovations.

See map for that location, building 101 near Atchley Clock Tower on the corner of Dave Brubeck and Kensington. 

 Map of UOP:

Comments are open on this post if you have further questions.

CWC Literary Review Guidance

Lit Review Submissions.jpg

UPDATE: June Gillam will be hosting a workshop to help people prepare their submissions at our November 10th 2018 meeting. LINK

Below is some additional guidance about submitting to the CWC Literary Review. See our original post about the Literary Review here.


The California Writers Club is looking for great writing from our members for publication in the 2019 CWC Literary Review.

Submissions are now being accepted in four categories: fiction, poetry, memoir and essay. For guidelines and the required submission form, go to the CWC website, Deadline is November 30, so don’t delay.

This year instead of the traditional Managing Editor, the Literary Review is chaired by four volunteers: Tish Davidson (Fremont Area Writers), Kimberly Edwards (Sacramento), June Gillam (San Joaquin Valley) and CWC President Joyce Krieg. The team points out that even though the publication has “literary” in its title, genre fiction is welcome, as are pieces that are humorous or deal with lighter themes and topics. The emphasis is simply on good writing that entertains, informs or inspires, regardless of style or subject matter.

The CWC Literary Review offers members the opportunity to showcase their work in a high quality, glossy print magazine that is sent through the U.S. mail to some 2,000 fellow CWC members. Publication of the next edition is slated for May or June of 2019.

Great Valley Bookfest 2018 (Pictures)

Some of our members had a great time at the Great Valley Bookfest. We just wanted to get these pictures up to share and will have an update with more info about how the event went later.